Al Dur Power PlantCHASE International are delighted to announce The Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshop, held at Engie’s Al Dur CCGT Power Plant in Bahrain, on 7th/8th and repeated on 9th/10th of May 2017.

The Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshop is a two-day series of presentations and seminars, in conjunction with our partners Advanced Valve Solutions. The speakers include independent industry experts and experienced engineers from European valve manufacturers, Hora and Persta. It is designed for people who require an understanding of the impact that changes in operation can have on operation costs, plant availability, valve reliability, controllability, maintenance intervals and life time expectancy.

The workshops are aimed at enlightenment and are not simply a ‘sell’ of products etc, rather an understanding of fundamental and innovative designs solutions to known problems within the process industries.

Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshop

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Changes in power station operational demands, in recent years, have produced significant impact on plant operational costs, with an emphasis on valve reliability and overall station efficiency, maintenance and valve controllability. We discuss in detail how we can offer an alternative view on advancements in preferred materials and innovation in valve design all being impacted on by dual shift and stop/start requirements.

The workshop provides a unique insight into the commonly occurring problems with dual shifting (stop/start) power plants. These include the impact on both isolation and control valves.

Many design, project and maintenance engineers have benefitted from Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshops by applying the knowledge gained and understanding preventative measures that can be applied to reduce plant down time, operational costs and increase station efficiency.


Day 1: Control Valves, HORA

Welcome, program explanation
HORA, control valves, function and applications


Workshop 1: Calculation of valves, design
Workshop 2: Materials, QA / QC
Workshop 3: Bypass stations, HP, IP, TAL
Workshop 4: (Cooled) attemporators
(Attendees can choose three workshops)

Day 2: On-off valves, PERSTA

PERSTA, on-off valves, function and applications
Which valve is located where


Workshop 1: DRA
Workshop 2: EN / ANSI / ASME, design to P and T
Workshop 3: Actuators
Workshop 4: Maintenance
Workshop 5: Materials, forging, casting, welding, P91, F22
(Attendees can choose three workshops)

The program included opportunities to discuss specific topics and asks questions.

This educational event is offered free of charge to engineers working in the power industry. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs.

If you would like more information about this event, please complete the form, send us an email to or call our UK Head Office on +44 (0) 1925 755221.