We regularly run Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshops in partnership with our engineering solutions partner, Advanced Valve Solutions. Courses and workshop material are constantly updates to assist maintenance engineers in solving process issues caused by the changing demands of power generation around the world.

Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshops

The workshops are free, you pay only for your transport and accommodation. The courses are generally run in the United Kingdom. If you have a larger number of engineers, from one company, interested in attending our workshops then please contact us as it might be possible to run the workshops at your facilities.

The sessions are aimed at enlightenment and are not simply a ‘sell’ of products. We aim to provide an understanding of radical and innovative designs solutions to known problems within the power generation industry. We are sure you will gain valuable insight into the latest valve technologies and design attributes for you to take back to your own plants and share with colleagues not able to attend the sessions.

The Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshops are supported by experts in the field of pre and post weld heat treatment, super-critical temperature measurement, actuation and material technology. It is rare to have such a mix of expertise and a superb opportunity for delegates to learn from others and share their own experiences”.

Who Should Attend?

These Valve Innovation and Optimisation Workshops are designed for maintenance engineers, graduate mechanical engineers and and engineering managers who would benefit from an understanding of the impact that changes in operation can have on operation costs, plant availability, valve reliability, controllability, maintenance intervals and life time expectancy.

Workshop titles

  • Desuperheater/Attemperator/PRDS
  • Stop Valve and Check Valves
  • OTC (Once Through Cooler)
  • EFW (Energy from Waste)
  • Site Maintenance/Evaluation
  • IP and HP
innovation and optimisation workshops