Temperature After Turbine (TAT) Probe Calibration, Repair and Overhaul services.

Many gas turbine operators with Alstom GT24 or GT26 units replace exhaust or temperature after turbine probes at prescribed intervals. Instead of replacing probes it’s quicker and better value to have them calibrated and refurbished. In many cases thermocouples and end tips can be replaced, saving money and reducing use of precious raw materials.

The temperature of the exhaust gas in a turbine is directly related to its efficiency. Confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the temperature profile allows an operator to run the turbine at maximum efficiency. With 20 to 24 probes in a single turbine, replacing items unnecessarily can be a poor use of maintenance budgets. Lead times for new probes from the OEM can be several months, not great when you need to minimise outage time. Probes can be collected, calibrated and, wherever possible, refurbished in a few weeks rather than months. As well as saving time, calibration and refurbishment is a sensible value proposition.

The knowledge and experience within the CHASE supply chain offers specialist knowledge and capabilities for the calibration, maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbine temperature probes.

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Calibration Furnace

Using OEM parts where possible, our services are both cost and time-effective. We also have a fully traceable inhouse calibration facility to verify the performance of the reworked assemblies.

Our range of services extends to maintenance or possible replacement of SEV lances, HP/IP probes and other temperature instrumentation installed on a generator set.

We are an experienced aftermarket option for GT8, GT11, GT13, GT24 and GT26 turbines that are operated out of OEM warranty.

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