Wherever bulk materials are transported, stored or processed, wear and sticking cause stoppages in the work process.

For a smooth process the flowability is of particular importance. Traditional steel surfaces become rough or corroded causing the bulk material to stick to the steel. The problems deteriorate and productivity and quality control are compromised.

We provide improved solutions for failing or damaged control valves which have to be frequently replaced, often due to a particular operating procedure or increasing demands.

Solutions are available to improve the performance of your installation.

Steel Versus Specialised Lining

The material adheres to large areas of the unlined steel surface. The area lined with the specialised lining is almost completely free.

Lower cost: The cost for lining an existing bin with a specialised lining is only about one third of the cost for construction steel.

Lower weight: For example, for the refurbishment of a 200m2 steel bin, re-lining it with a specialised lining would achieve a reduction in weight of almost three tons compared to the standard method of welding steel sheets (S235JR). A specialised lining reduces the load on the structure and makes installation work much simpler.

Longer life span: The life span of a specialised lining is substantially longer than that of conventional construction steel. In the sand-slurry wear test, the specialised lining achieved a value of 80 which is 46% better than that of steel at 150 (S235JR).