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Michell Bearings designs and manufactures hydrodynamic whitemetal (or babbitt) and PTFE lined bearings for industrial and marine applications.

In order to support critical applications in industries where products are required to meet stringent specifications and perform in demanding environments, Michell Bearings has developed a range of unique performance software tailored to their products.

This provides more accurate and reliable performance predictions than with any other commercially available software. Results from the software, which are backed up by years of product research and development testing, give customers peace of mind and confidence in Michell Bearings ability to deliver safe and reliable bearing solutions.

The in-house engineering team and our 100 years of experience in bearing design provides our clients with innovative engineering solutions to suit each individual application.

Bearing Internals

Michell Bearings offers several standard ranges of bearing internals for both thrust (Omega, Omega Equalised and Self Equalising) and Radial Journal Pad Unit (JPU) applications.

Horizontal Bearings

Michell Bearings has two ranges of horizontal bearings. The industrial horizontal (IH) series is a modular range covering shaft diameters from 280mm to 1000mm. The heavy duty (HD) series is specifically designed for applications involving high thrust loads and covers a shaft range from 300mm to 500mm.

Marine Bearings

Michell Bearings has extensive experience in the supply of bearings for use in marine propulsion; it has products on more than 300 vessels for 35 navies across the world, as well as on most leading cruise lines and luxury mega yacht models.

Vertical Bearings

Michell Bearings vertical bearings (AV, LV, V, and MV Series) have been designed and developed as fully self-contained, general purpose, modular assemblies to meet customer’s requirements.

For special applications and where the preference is for the bearing internals to be positioned within the casing of the machine, we can offer bespoke bearing solutions equivalent to our standard vertical ranges and beyond, including special self-contained bearing designs.