vanessa valves
vanessa rotary process valves

The Vanessa triple offset valve was the first to provide bidirectional zero leakage* performance, creating a new industry category using a technology not previously available with other quarter turn valves. There are now over 300,000 Vanessa valves operating around the world.

Vanessa valves are used extensively in the extracting, processing, refining, storage and transportation of hydrocarbons and liquefied gases, chemical and petrochemical plants, power generation, district heating, pulp and paper industry, and sugar mills. In addition, Vanessa has built up a strong global user base in applications involving cryogenic, high temperature and corrosive fluids.

The Vanessa zero leakage performance – obtained through its unique triple eccentric sealing principle and its non-rubbing rotation – ensures the plant owner achieves a low maintenance and long valve operational life.

Triple Offset Valve

The triple offset design completely eliminates any rubbing action of the sealing elements during the 90 degrees of rotation and such capability, combined with other key features, have effectively positioned over time the Vanessa Series 30,000 as the ultimate process valve.

Thanks to our engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing capabilities, Emerson Vanessa has provided for decades an extremely reliable triple offset valve capable of delivering full shut-off and peace of mind operation over a wide range of temperatures and pressure classes.

All Vanessa triple offset valves rely on the principles of metal-to-metal, torque seating and non-rubbing, quarter turn rotation.


* Zero leakage means no visible leakage during test duration as per API 598 and/or API 6D