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Unifrax is a global leader in high-performance speciality fibres and inorganic materials used in high-temperature industrial, automotive and fire protection applications.

CHASE supply Unifrax insulating blankets, designed to solve your thermal management challenges. Blanket products are manufactured in a variety of compositions, densities and thicknesses that are designed for low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock.


unifrax fiberfrax blankets
  • Estimated Temperature 982°C to 1430°C
  • Acoustic Blankets
  • Furnace Linings
  • Insulation
  • Mats
  • Filtration


  • Estimated Temperature 1650°C
  • Blankets
  • Furnace Linings


  • Estimated Temperature 1260°C to 1300°C
  • Low Bio-Persistent thermal insulation
  • Blankets
  • Furnace Linings
  • Foil Faced Option
  • Water Repellent Option


Estimated Temperature 1260°C to 1430°C
Furnace Linings


Estimated Temperature 1650°C
Furnace Linings

Unifrax manufacture insulation products for power generation, power storage, boilers, incineration and solar applications. High-temperature specialty fibres, engineered thermal components, and high-performance materials for several power generation, power storage, and incineration applications.

High-temperature insulation materials and engineered thermal components, made by Unifrax, are ideal for demanding applications requiring solutions resistant to chemical and physical wear, corrosion, and extreme heat. Their high-performance specialty fibers and inorganic materials provide rapid installation and minimized turnaround times while conserving energy and reducing emissions and operating costs. We offer a large selection of Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products used for new construction and field repairs within the power generation and storage, boiler, incineration, and solar market segments.

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