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Sempell valves are used for control, safety relief and isolation applications in power plants as well as the chemical industry. Specially designed for the most difficult environments, Sempell products offer greater reliability, accuracy and flexibility for all your steam applications.

With decades of expertise in thermodynamics, Sempell provides turbine bypass and startup control valves with unparalleled reliability to the OEM’s plant design engineer for applications in supercritical and ultra-supercritical power plants. In addition, Sempell forged gate, globe and check valves serve the DIN and ASME power generation markets. Applying cutting edge material science and valve designs, Sempell isolation and non-return valves are designed for all types of power plants, including nuclear and supercritical plants, which operate at temperatures up to 720° C.

Within the nuclear power generation segment, Sempell pioneered new technology for pilot operated pressurizer safety valve systems on the new GEN III reactors, regardless of code. In addition, Sempell provides other critical solutions for the nuclear industry, including system medium operated main steam isolation valves and pilot operated main steam safety valves.

Sempell Valves

sempell valves high pressure gate valve
  • High Pressure Gate Valve
  • High Pressure Check Valve
  • Model VA500 DIN High Pressure Globe Valve
  • Model MiniS Safety Relief Valve
  • Sempell Dewrance Model B21/B51 Check Valve
  • Sempell Dewrance High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate Valve
  • Model AVS 4/5 HP Preheater Protection Valve
  • High Pressure Globe Valve
  • Style A High Pressure Globe Valve
  • Model VA510 Globe Valve
  • Model VA500 ASME High Pressure Globe Valve
  • Type VSE0 high pressure safety relief valve
  • Serie S DIN/ASME high performance safety relief valve
  • Serie VSE/VSR Safety valve
  • SOH High Pressure Steam Safety Valve
  • VS99 Controlled safety pressure relief systems
  • Model VR500 (ASME) High Pressure Check Valve
  • Sempell Dewrance Low Pressure Parallel Slide Valve
  • Style A High Pressure Check Valve
  • STE4 electro pneumatic control cabinet
  • STE5 pneumatic control cabinet
  • Nuclear Model NICO 4000 High Pressure Stop and Check valve
  • Model 141 Pressure Reducing Valve Condensate or Feedwater
  • Model 155 High pressure reducing valve
  • Model 151 Pressure Reducing Steam Valve
  • Model 179 Turbine Drain Valve
  • Model 146 Severe Feedwater Service Valve
  • Model 315 High Pressure Bypass Valve
  • Model 115 Turbine Bypass Valve
  • Model 142 High Pressure Water Control Valve
  • Steam Conditioning
  • Model VA505 High Pressure Isolation Valve
  • Skid for steam conditioning
  • SSS9 Main Steam Isolation Valve
  • GPS4 High Pressure Wedge Gate Valve
  • GPS5 Blow-down isolation gate valve
  • HKS5 Swing Check Valve

Sempell offers its customer optimal solutions in all cases where high pressure, extreme temperatures and critical properties exit, especially where high safety regulations are required.

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