Rohm and Haas Ion Exchange Resins

Rohm and Haas Ion Exchange Resins are used for a wide variety of water demineralisation applications.

Rohm and Haas discovers, manufactures on a large scale and distributes globally innovative technologies, products and solutions for the fluid processing and pharmaceutical industries. For more than 60 years, Amberlite® and Duolite® ion exchange resins have been used in domestic and industrial water treatment. Our newest Amberjet® and Amberlite® ion exchange resins enable the production of process water of the ultimate purity required by the power and microelectronic industry.

Our Food grade resins purify various beverages including potable water as well as the sweeteners of your soft drinks and the sugar for your coffee. Our functional polymers can also be applied in various industrial processes : as mono or polyfunctional catalysts (Amberlyst®) or to recover either valuable metals and organic molecules or to purify many different chemical substances.Rohm and Haas offers also products and expertise to the pharmaceutical industry in synthesis, recovery (Amberlite® XAD®), purification (Amberchrom®) and formulation. Today, Rohm and Haas is looking to stretch the limits of ion exchange resins and is developing a complete new range of functional carriers which can be applied in catalysis, biocatalysis, solid phase synthesis, enzyme immobilization and liquid chromatography.


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