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CHASE are delighted to be able to supply New Componit products to customers in energy, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and metal industries.

New Componit is a leader in solving problems related to heat, noise and expansion due to temperature changes; they boast a long experience in the technological field, and this allows them to better study your needs and how to solve them.

Expansion Joints

Compensators apply to pipe and duct systems, conveying any kind of fluids. All these systems are often subject to damages and failures caused by mechanical stress, due to temperature and pressure variations, as well as undesired vibrations and movements.

Compensators, or expansion joints, are flexible joints designed to absorb the vibrations and to compensate the movements between pipe sections, to which they are connected.

The textile expansion joints are suitable for this purpose, when the conveyed fluids are gaseous fluids, regardless their temperature and pressure, and they can compensate wide movements.

The choice of the right textile joint depends on the operative conditions and the required performances: temperature, pressure, chemical composition, movements, heat and noise reduction requirement, life required, determine its stratification.

  • Textile Joints: We always have the proper compensator, even for the most extreme conditions.
  • Rubber Joints: Maximum noise reduction Temperature up to 250°C
  • Metal Joints: Together with the experts to complete our range of products
new componit expansion joint

Insulation Jackets

Efficient and safe, flexible, easily installable and removable.

New Componit proposes insulating jackets, both thermal and acoustic, by which realizes heat containment systems. We complete our range of products with nanotechnology materials, cryogenic solutions and passive fire protections.

Our jackets are a good alternative to the standard insulation with mineral-rock wool and metal cladding.

  • Thermoproof: Maximum heat protection
  • Termo-Jacket: Your guarantee against cold
  • Prosound-Jacket: Your partner against noise
  • Nanotech: Insulation to the nth degree
  • Enersave: Optimize energy consumption while preserving the environment and saving money

Safety Shields

New Componit safety shields prevent sprayouts by interposing an impregnable barrier between the chemical flowing through the piping system and the external environment. They ensure the safety and welfare of staff, eliminating possible injury due to contact with corrosive and dangerous chemicals, therefore being effective tools in reducing industrial and social costs.

  • Metal safety shields: Enhance security
  • Fabric safety shields: Protect and save money

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