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Since 1962 M&J Valves has been a key technology partner to companies across the globe that are involved in the storage, transportation, production or processing of gases and liquids. Attending to the exacting expectations of the oil/gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors, we supply our customers with the top quality, inherently-safe flow control and surge relief solutions they need to raise their productivity and avoid the possibility of causing environmental damage.

The product range includes control valves, gate valves, check valves, diverter valves, bi-directional ball valves and surge valves, plus flow loops for valve testing purposes. These valves make use of an array of different shut-off mechanisms (slab, piston, swing, rotary and axial) to reflect the breadth of application characteristics presented. They are suitable for incorporation into both overland and subsea pipelines, along with storage facilities, offshore platforms and pumping stations.

Thanks to the high grade engineering at their foundation, these valves can deal with a broad range of different pressure conditions and a large number of cycles, as well as offering ease of use, ongoing reliable operation and prolonged seal life.

The M&J Valves Range:

  • Gate Valves
    • M-303 Slab Gate Valves
    • Expanding Gate Valves
    • Compact Expanding Gate Valves
  • Diverter Valves
    • 4-Way Diverter Valve
  • Check Valves
    • Swing Check Valves
    • Piston Check Valves
  • Control Valves
    • Ball-Trol™ Quarter Turn Rotary Control Valve
    • Danflo – Axial Surge Relief Control Valve
    • Danflo-Axial Pilot Operated Control Valve