michell bearings

CHASE supplies Michell Bearings’ whitemetal (babbitt) and PTFE lined bearings for industrial applications. We can supply spare parts or complete products. For pricing and delivery please complete the form at the bottom of this page or send your RFQ to source@chaseint.co.uk.

Over several years CHASE has developed a close working relationship with Michell Bearings so that we can provide the high level of service that our customers prefer.

Horizontal Bearings

The industrial horizontal (IH) series is a modular range covering shaft diameters from 280mm to 1000mm. The heavy duty (HD) series is specifically designed for applications involving high thrust loads and covers a shaft range from 300mm to 500mm.

Marine Bearings

Michell Bearings has supplied products for use in marine propulsion to over 460 naval vessels and 70 cruise vessels across the world, as well as on luxury mega yacht models.

Tilting Pad Bearings

Michell Bearings offers several standard ranges of tilting pad bearings for radial journal pad unit applications:

michell bearings
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Hydro Generators
  • Turbo Compressors
Journal Bearings

We supply various designs of journal bearings and we can customise them to suit your application.

The standard range of journal bearing pad units have a steel housing seating five uniquely designed centre-pivoted journal pads. The journal pads are manufactured to give a preload profile at their working face. This ensures that a pressure generating, hydro-dynamic oil wedge is formed between the journal pads and shaft journal, even under the lightest of loads.

Thrust Bearings

We can supply the standard thrust bearing configurations either as full rings or in halves with special features if required. Alternatively, we can design thrust bearings specific to your individual application.

Vertical Bearings

Michell Bearings has designed their vertical bearings as fully self-contained, general purpose, modular assemblies. They also offer bespoke bearing solutions for special applications including when you wish to position the bearing internals within the casing of the machine. These solutions are equivalent to our standard vertical ranges and beyond, including special self-contained bearing designs.

PTFE Bearings

Development of PTFE bearings began in the mid 1990s. Investigative test work established that the material could operate without undue wear and at specific loads that are significantly higher than that of white metal bearings, without high pressure oil injection.

The PTFE material is able to operate safely at minimal oil film thicknesses. This allows approximately twice the specific load capacity normally associated with white metal. Our initial PTFE project work concentrated on large thrust pad sizes used in hydro-generator applications, whereby advantages of PTFE could improve the reliability of problematic machines. Today PTFE is often specified as first choice for hydro-applications and has been shown to have clear advantages for small pad applications in more standardised reversing pump applications.

PTFE bearings are similar in construction and operation to white metal pads. The except is when a composite layer of compressed copper wire and PTFE replaces the white metal layer. Using similar proven manufacturing techniques to those used for thrust pads, we are able to bond the PTFE/copper composite to a curved journal bearing surface. This ensures that the required bond strengths are maintained and the PTFE’s properties are not affected.

Michell Bearings can manufacture PTFE lined journal pads across a range of sizes and are suitable for high speed gear box applications, in addition to the more usual large diameter hydro-generator bearings.

Michell Bearings Services

In addition to new bearings CHASE can also provide a bearing renewal service.

Michell Bearings Parts and Spares from CHASE

For pricing and delivery please complete the form below or send your RFQ to source@chaseint.co.uk.