hopkinsons valves

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Joseph Hopkinsons established Hopkinsons Valves over 160 years ago in Huddersfield, England. From the first days, Hopkinsons products have had a reputation for long and dependable service life. You can find them in a wide range of applications including boilers, power plants, oil and gas, and petrochemicals.

Trillium Flow Technologies’™ now owns the Hopkinsons® brand and continues to deliver highly engineered valves known for long life and reliability.

hopkinsons valves

Forged Gate Valve

Hopkinsons® has designed the Forged Gate Valve to provide assured, consistent, durable quality for high temperature and high pressure applications. Forged Gate Valves are the latest addition to the Hopkinsons® range. They offer customers choice across critical, super-critical, and ultra-super-critical steam applications.

Full Bore & Venturi Parallel Slide Gate

You would use these valves when you require a gate valve for steam or feedwater duty in medium and high pressure ranges.

Full Bore

The outstanding feature of this parallel slide design is that of maintaining fluid-tightness without the aid of wedging action. Full bore valves exert no mechanical stress between the discs, and eliminate problems associated with cool-down of the fluid.


The Venturi design is used when a slightly higher pressure drop is acceptable. The well established principle of fluid flow through a Venturi minimises pressure drop. Venturi valves incorporate the design feature of an eye follower. In the fully open position the eye follower bridges the gap between the seats. This gives a smooth flow path and completes the Venturi profile.

Gate Valves Flexi Wedge Design

We recommend the highly versatile Hopkinsons® Flexi Wedge design as a gate valve for containment isolation duties.

Globe Valves

Hopkinsons® offers a robust general purpose range of globe valves suitable for regulating, isolating, and blowdown duties.

The replaceable seat is screwed into the body, the joint being made by accurately machined taper surfaces. An extension on the underside of the valve acts as a throttling device to protect the seating faces against the scoring or cutting action of steam during opening and closing.

High Performance Drain

For extreme service conditions such as on superheated steam drain lines, Hopkinsons® has developed a new range of high performance parallel slide gate valves.

Uniflow Slide Valve

Hopkinsons® designed the Uniflow Slide Valves for one way isolation and blowdown duties where there is no possibility of reversal flow.

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