gilkes pumps

CHASE provides customers across the world with a professional, experienced point of contact to source Gilkes pumps. We can supply spare parts or complete products. For pricing and delivery please complete the form at the bottom of this page or send your RFQ to

Gilkes has gained a deep understanding of customer’s market needs. Through a detailed design and development process, they have created a recipe for success and a reputation for quality. Gilkes has spent years working alongside customers in the field and evaluating the ever-changing industrial sector legislation. This has led to the company continually improving and adapting to create new products that meet increasing demands.

Power Generation

New developments have expanded Gilkes’ range. Single and dual circuit solutions are available for High and Low temperature circuits for Standby and Mobile Power Generation systems. Products cover Diesel and Gas powered engines up to 120L.

Gilkes use a tailored design process focusing on the engine parameters to create a personalised package for each client.

We aim to maximise:

  • Running costs through circuit efficiency
  • Reliability through robust design and evaluation

Dual circuit pumps offer a unique solution

  • Spaces and weight reduction
  • Cost advantages combining the HT & LT circuits into one pump
  • Lower parasitic engine loads
  • Simplified piping arrangements
  • Improved low temperature seal cooling

For pricing and delivery on Gilkes Pumps please complete the form below or send your RFQ to