david brown gearbox parts

CHASE specialises in supplying David Brown gearbox parts to a wide range of industries and applications. All David Brown Santasalo gear systems are proven to withstand severe environments and are engineered to exacting customer requirements to ensure maximum performance.

Fast, global support for all David Brown Santasalo heritage brands

If you have any David Brown Gearboxes or Santasalo heritage brand gearbox that needs service, repair or upgrade – look no further. CHASE are well positioned to provide expert gearbox support to keep your processes operating at 100%.

David Brown Santasalo heritage brands include:

AEI (Associated Electrics Industries)
Alstom Gears
BEW (Benoni Engineering Works)
Bostock & Bramley
BTH (British Thomson Houston)
Coventry Gears
David Brown
GEC Alstom Gears

GEC Marine & Industrial Gears
Hamworthy Hydraulics & Transmissions
Hygate Gears
Jackson Gears
John Welsh
Keighley Gears
Maag Italia
Metropolitan Vickers
Metso Drives
Modern Wheel Drive
Moventas (Industrial)
Paramount Gears
Power Plant Gears

Rauma Repola
Sonnerdale Richardson
Turbine Gears
Wiseman Gears UK

CHASE supply the full range of David Brown Santasalo products, including:

Vertical Roller Mills

The criticality of the power generation industry means that gear system reliability is key. Designed in close cooperation with mill manufacturers, the vertical roller mill drive series demonstrates long bearing life, high power density and an optimised product lifecycle.

Delivering power, durability and reliability – even under extreme conditions, David Brown Santasalo vertical roll mill gears operate efficiently to ensure maximum production time.

Horizontal Ball Mill Drives

We can provide all elements of a mill drive system as a fully optimised solution to suit your process exactly, or individual components as required.

  • Mill drive gearboxes
  • Girth gears
  • Pinions
  • Couplings

Girth Gears

Engineered in segments, starting from two and with no upper limit, we can supply girth gears up to 14 metres diameter. With interchangeable segments for easy repair and maintenance, girth gears have delivered longstanding, reliable operation for decades.

Skilled management of the stress relieving process is of utmost importance in the production of an accurate and stable final girth gear and we can provide this .

Horizontal Ball Mill Pinions

Using their global, in-house manufacturing capabilities, David Brown Santasalo deliver high torque, high precision integral and non-integral mill pinion gears for horizontal ball mills in power generation applications. Pinion gears can be supplied individually or as part of a fully optimised horizontal ball mill drive.

Conveyor drives

David Brown Santasalo has an optimal drive solution for conveyors in wood yards. A wide range of accessories, including backstops, motor mounts, V-belts and belt guards are available for the conveyor drive units.

Integrated roll drives

David Brown Santasalo’s roll drives are a perfect example of integrated drive solutions for paper machinery. Drive units for both suction and deflection-controlled rolls in press sections and calendars are available with special design gearing. These designs lower noise and vibration levels and ensure reliability, even at the highest machine speeds.

High Speed Gearboxes: HX Series

The HX series combines availability maximising features such as enhanced performance, packaging flexibility and a five-year warranty to deliver complete assurance.

The HX series’ flexible gear case configuration allows for the positioning of oil inlets at either side, or at the end of the gear case to minimise pipe runs. In addition, three standard instrumentation packages are available to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

Stacker Reclaimer Drives

David Brown Santasalo engineers, manufactures and provides service support for stacker reclaimer gearboxes in the bulk materials handling process.

These enormous machines are crucial to the power generation industry’s bulk materials handling process and reliable, high quality gear systems are key.

Centre Drives

Designed specifically for the cement industry, David Brown Santasalo’s range of low speed, high torque centre drive transmissions feature two layshaft ‘split torque’ technology to deliver the optimum drive solution for primary and finish grinding applications.

In addition to two layshaft drive models, we can supply bespoke power transmission solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.