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Thomas Cooper invented the split roller bearing in 1907. The Cooper Bearings name defines the benchmark for split roller bearing quality and expertise. More than 100 years later, SKF Cooper is proud to continue offering the highest quality and widest range of split bearings. Thus confirming the company’s status as technology leader.

Wherever machinery is under pressure to perform in the most demanding operating conditions on land, underground or underwater, you’ll find Cooper bearings going strong.

cooper bearings

Split Roller Bearings

The Cooper Split Roller Bearing uses cylindrical rollers and components made in halves. Assembly of these halves around the shaft eliminates removal of couplings, gearboxes, pulleys etc, and simplifies shaft design. Cylindrical rollers allow unrestricted shaft expansion within the ‘EX’ bearing and can accommodate moderate axial loads with the ‘GR’ bearing. Cooper swivel cartridges house the Cooper bearings which offers shaft alignment and superior concentric sealing options. You can used various forms of outer housings.

Split Tapered Bearings

The Cooper Split Tapered Roller Bearing has two opposed rows of rollers to take axial loads in either direction. They are intended for use in the ‘fixed’ bearing position, with ‘EX’ expansion bearings in all other positions on the shaft. Components are made in halves and housed in Cooper swivel cartridges. This offers shaft alignment and superior concentric sealing options. Bearings can be mounted in pedestal or flange outer housings.

Specialised Bearings

Cooper frequently supply special and customised bearing solutions. Their extensive design and manufacture capabilities offer various alternative bearing solutions to those shown in the standard product range. These include bespoke housings for standard bearings, large bore bearings, water cooled bearings and flat thrust bearings. All are available in split formats offering the usual Cooper benefits and advantages. The Cooper technical department can advise on bore sizes up to 1500mm and a wide range of special features.

cooper bearings split spherical roller bearing parts

Split Spherical Roller Bearings

You can easily replace split spherical roller bearings in situ. They require very few changes to the shaft alignment or driveline. This reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by two-thirds, and reduces production downtime. The design of these bearings means that you can reduce maintenance costs and risks to maintenance worker safety.

Cooper, the leader in the field of split bearing technology, is the only bearing manufacturer to offer split cylindrical, taper and spherical roller bearings, as well as the new sealed split spherical roller bearings.

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