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BOLL & KIRCH is the manufacturer of the BOLLFILTER products. They are one of the world’s leading filter manufacturer and filtration specialists. They design products for liquids and gases including steam turbines, paper and pulp and power generation. BOLLFILTER products provide efficient filtration solutions that meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

BOLLFILTER spare parts csm automatic filter type 6.04
BOLLFILTER spare parts -csm_automatic-filter-type-6.18
BOLLFILTER spare parts -csm_automatic-filter-type-6.18


The different types of filters, from simplex and duplex to automatic filters, are highly robust, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Whenever a filter element or an o-ring, needs replacement, we highly recommend that you should only use genuine parts.

CHASE only supplies genuine Bollfilter spare parts. Buy from CHASE and you can be confident that our genuine parts are appropriate for your filter.

Our high quality standards guarantee maximum performance, safety and reliability for your plant and machinery over the complete lifecycle.

Are you looking for accessories or spare parts?

Automatic Backwash Filter

Fully automatic Filtration

Automatic filters have a self-cleaning mechanism that periodically flushes out accumulated debris to prevent clogging. Backwashable strainers from BOLLFILTER allow continuous operation and are suitable for systems where manual cleaning is inconvenient. They can be used as connected filters.

Duplex Filter

Advantages of the duplex strainers

During normal operations the duplex filter can be maintenance-free. It is important, however, that you check the seals and clean the filter element. With two filter chambers connected with a changeover valve one chamber is always in operation while a clean filter chamber is in standby mode. You can use Duplex filters where shutting down machines and systems is not practical or highly uneconomical. Examples are maritime and production industries.

Simplex Filter

Advantages of the Simplex Filter

Simplex filters are the basic model of filtration technology. They have a compact design and are extremely easy to clean. Simplex strainers are for use where you can switch off systems or filters with additional shut-off devices. They serve to protect the system parts from soiling and siltation.

The simplex filters meet technical filter and reliability requirements to the same level as switch-over duplex filters or automatic filters from BOLL & KIRCH. Depending on the application various options for housing materials and filter element designs are available and can be used. The simplex filters from BOLL & KIRCH provide a compact design and minimum number of parts, as well as the simple cleaning. You can use our filters for both liquids and gases.

Fine Filter Unit

The FineFilterUnit is for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

The BOLL FineFilterUnit is based on advanced membrane technology and cleans the scrubber washwater of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). This is in compliance with IMO MEPC.259(68).

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