blakeborough valves

CHASE is proud to supply Blakeborough Valves and spare parts to customers around the world.

The Blakeborough brand offers a diverse range of control valves for the process industry. They have proven themselves in the manufacture of valves for the following major industries: conventional energy, solar energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals and LNG.

blakeborough valves Turbine Bypass Valve

Industries that use Blakeborough Valves

Blakeborough Valves are installed for applications on process plant throughout industry where there is a requirement for automatic flow control, temperature control or pressure reducing.

  • Energy – General service control valves or severe operating conditions, three-way valves, steam conditioning desuper heaters andturbine bypass valves.
  • Solar Energy – Range of valves adapted for the service of molten salt.
  • Oil and Gas – General service valves for severe service conditions for a wide range of applications, including shock-proof control and sand control. Our throttling range is suitable for most throttling applications, including production, injection, chemical injection and gas extraction.
  • Petrochemistry – Valves for general services with valves for severe service conditions.
  • LNG – General service valves subjected to complete cryogenic testing.

The Blakeborough® brand has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of control valves, chokes and steam control valves for more than 190 years. What began when Joseph Blakeborough started a small plumbing business in Yorkshire, England, has grown into one to the world’s leading valve providers and one of the legacy brands of Trillium Flow Technologies™.


  • BV500 & BV501 cage trim valves up to class 600lb rating
  • BV800 series contour trim valves
  • BV830 & BV831 three way valves
  • BV985 desuperheater
  • BV986 desuperheater
  • BV990 & BV992 cage trim valves class 900lb and above
  • Blakeborough® BV990 cage trim valves class 900lb and above
  • BV992 & BV993 choke valves
  • Blakeborough® BV992 & BV993 choke valves
  • BV994 & BV995 turbine bypass valves
  • Blakeborough® BV994 & 995 turbine bypass valves
  • X-STREAM trim for severe services
  • Blakeborough® X-STREAM™ trim for severe services

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