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CHASE enjoys a close working relationship with BKW Instruments and supports BKW users around the world.

We are located within a few miles of BKW Instruments’ Manchester factory. This gives us quick access to their vast range of stocked instrumentation, valves and adapters and fittings which we can ship, sometimes same day, if required.

BKW has their own on-site manufacturing capability to manufacture, modify or repair your instrumentation, along with fully mobile service division with CompEx qualified personnel to install, calibrate & fault find abilities to fully support your business.

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We supply BKW Instruments’ products to a wide range of industries.


BKW work closely in all fields of power generation from large-scale power plants (coal-fired, nuclear power, hydropower) to peak-load electricity generation plants (e.g. gas turbine power plants) to decentralised systems (thermal power stations, wind power stations, biogas plants).

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry makes extremely high demands on all instruments used within the process. BKW make most pressure instruments a limited number of materials, in order to meet those demands.

Oil and Gas

BKW through our partners and key customers have supplied instruments around the world. We now have an extensive base of instruments at oil and gas installations, platforms and refineries.

Process Plant Contractors

BKW has been active in the Contractor Business for more than 25 years. We have been involved in major projects destined for locations all over the world.

Water and Utilities

BKW’s instruments are used in all fields of Water and Utilities, reverse osmosis and waste water treatment.

Food and Beverage

The hygienic design of instrumentation is an essential pre-requisite to avoid microbiological contamination, which goes with ensuring the product‘s quality.

Paper & Pulp

BKW along with its partners supply products tailored to the Paper & Pulp industries. We specialise in instruments for pressure, temperature, flow, level, analytical and vibration as well as the supply of control valves.