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We provide customers with a friendly, responsive point of contact to source Atlas Copco parts for pumps and compressors. We can supply spare parts or complete products. For pricing and delivery please complete the form at the bottom of this page or send your RFQ to

CHASE has a wide industry knowledge of current and legacy brands and has many years enjoying a close working relationship with the manufacturers that we represent.

atlas copco parts

Compression elements

CHASE supplies replacement new and refurbished Atlas Copco oil free compression stages for models ZA ZR ZT ZE.

Oil Lubricated Air End Repairs

In partnership with our suppliers, we offer a repair or replacement service for customers who either need a service exchange ‘G’ air end that has accrued its overhaul hours run, or provide a replacement element that has failed in service.

Your air end is at the heart of your compressor. Failing to replace major parts like bearings at the OEM’s recommended intervals can be very detrimental to the life of your air end. In some cases it can render the compressor too expensive to repair.

Oil lubricated screw compressor bearing life is typically in the range of the 25,000-50,000 hours run.

Air Filter, Oil Filter and Separators

There is a sweet-spot when it comes to filtration. It sits between maximising air flow whilst maintaining the required levels of protection for your compressor. The filters we supply regularly perform at 99.99%.


We can supply many types of oil free centrifugal compressor and dryer coolers for models ZH, ZR, ZT, ZA, MD, etc.


Our lubricant range covers a wide range of compressed air applications including, oil free screw compressors, centrifugal compressors and oil lubricated compressors.

For pricing and delivery please complete the form below or send your RFQ to